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Special Occasion

Special Offers

US $200.00
Sixties Corvette
US $95.00
Large Sitting Rabbit
US $125.00
Large 2-Daffodils In Pot
US $75.00
Medium Cross
US $100.00
US $150.00
Large Jesus
US $675.00
Small Sitting Rabbit
US $100.00
Lily In Pot
US $85.00
Small Easter Cart
US $110.00
Small Easter Cart
US $110.00
Small Freight Liner
US $400.00
Small Trout
US $55.00
Airplane w/ Pontoon
US $60.00
Dolphin #1
US $55.00
Small Double Heart
US $55.00
Pot Of Gold
US $300.00
US $85.00
US $300.00
Large Sitting Rabbit
US $125.00
Lily w/ Stand
US $175.00
Christmas Tree with Star
US $245.00
Stage Coach w/Santa
US $2720.00
Anchor (Large)
US $135.00
Bell Triple - Large
US $225.00
Small Easter Cart
US $110.00

About Us

In the late 1960's, Richard Kerb, a Seattle, Washington Native, moved to Missouri. When the Den of Metal Arts opened for business in 1969, he had been doing metal sculpturing for a year.

In 1987, Richard moved the business to I-44 in Conway, MO and started making silhouettes in 1988. In the first year he designed and was selling 80 silhouettes. In the 14 years since opening, the Den of Metal Arts has expanded seven times.

It takes a lot of teamwork to get the silhouettes to look just right, and Richard and his wife, Judy are proud to recognize that this work is entirely done by hand.

Richard is currently keeping the more than 30 year old business a family affair, operating it with the help of his wife, son and daughter. It is a thriving and growing business.

Whatever your taste, Den of Metal Arts guarantees to have your flavor!


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