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Christmas Trains - CONF_SHOP_NAME

     Carolers, Skaters and Nutcrackers
     Christmas Trains
     Holiday Phrases
     Large Nativity
     Ornaments and Misc
     Santa and Elves
     Santa's Sleigh and Deer
     Small Nativity
     Trees, Snowmen and Snowflakes
Special Occasion

Special Offers

#1 Rudolph
US $275.00
Candy Cane with Bow - Extra Large
US $150.00
Sleigh w/ Wreath
US $600.00

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A Engine w/ Santa more info...
A Engine w/ Santa
Price: US $425.00

B Coal Car-large more info...
B Coal Car-large
Price: US $225.00

C Boxcar-large more info...
C Boxcar-large
Price: US $225.00

D Flat Car-large more info...
D Flat Car-large
Price: US $225.00

E Tanker-large more info...
E Tanker-large
Price: US $225.00

F Caboose-large more info...
F Caboose-large
Price: US $225.00

G Engine-small more info...
G Engine-small
Price: US $110.00

H Coal Car-small more info...
H Coal Car-small
Price: US $85.00

I Box Car-small more info...
I Box Car-small
Price: US $85.00

J Flat Car-small more info...
J Flat Car-small
Price: US $85.00

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